In the Military? Know the Benefits of Investing.

Your VA benefit allows you to purchase a home with a zero down payment. As all of you know, investing in real estate can be a beneficial way to save for retirement and earn additional income. Prepare yourself for your long term financial health and know your VA benefits. Securing a primary residence will benefit you in the long run by creating an instrument with equity instead of renting.

You can buy a home even if you do not plan on living there long term or if you think you may be stationed elsewhere. Buying a home is an investment and there are many property management companies in your area that can rent your home for you if you are moving to another location. Even if you do not plan on returning to the location where you can buy now, having an out of state investment is common practice when it comes to real estate investing. You can always sell your asset if you need the funds to settle elsewhere when you retire. These additional funds from selling your investment home can be crucial to a smooth transition at retirement. You will be able to buy a home for cash and not have rental payments at retirement. Otherwise, you would only have your savings if you were able to save. The investment can also create monthly passive income for you.

Pacific Home Brokers is veteran owned. We can help veteran’s and active military obtain a home loan and guide you through the loan and home buying process.

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